Maximizing Natural Light through Sciography

Here at HILINE, we understand how important natural light is for both comfort and efficiency in interior spaces. That's why we make sciography (solar and light study) a key part of our design process. Sciography helps us analyze how the sun's path and light levels will affect a building at different times of day and year. This study allows us to enhance occupant well-being and optimize energy usage through strategic daylighting

Sciography (Solar and Light Study)

Through sciography, we can determine the best window sizes and placements to flood interiors with sunlight when desired. However, we also aim to minimize direct solar gain and glare that can cause discomfort. Proper daylighting is key to boosting productivity, mood, and visual acuity without overheating spaces or producing uncomfortably bright conditions. Our sciography incorporates the building's specific location, orientation, and massing to provide a realistic representation of daylight availability.

The results allow us to implement design features like overhangs, light shelves, skylights and clerestory windows that redirect sunlight deep into interior zones without add unwanted heat. Operable shading like Window treatment can further enhance control. We also use sciography to size and situate windows for cross-ventilation and passive cooling strategies where natural breezes are available

Beyond interior design impacts, we analyze how a building's form mediates access to daylight and solar energy on exterior areas like walkways and outdoor spaces. This helps enhance the outdoor experience for enjoyment and safety. Sciography also supports maximizing solar access for passive solar heating or photovoltaics based on a given climate.

As an architect and interior design firm, enhancing quality of life through optimal natural light and energy performance is a top priority. Our focus on sciography ensures that daylighting and solar strategies are carefully evaluated from the earliest conceptual phases. The end result is innovative, sustainable and people-centered built environments that make the most of nature's free resources


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