Make space that
works for you!

Hiline’s main vision and mission is to build amazing spaces that play a very influential role in the modernization and upgradation of the surroundings. We have a very professional and amazing team of architects and interior designers who are working with full devotion and with their maximum efforts in providing you best solutions. We have also proved ourselves as one of the best construction companies in town. In so many years of working, we have only focused on delivering beyond the expectations of our clients winning their trust and satisfaction. Our projects are the guarantee of our hard work.


Great building design makes your life better. It makes you stronger – more at home, a more gracious host, a more efficient employer, a more effective marketer, and more inspired. You decide. Once you know your purpose, find an architect and an interior design firm who can turn form toward that function.

We always give our best and try to be the best in business. We work with the same passion in all types of projects whether it’s a commercial design project or a residential project, our excitement remains the same for all our clients. We know and completely understand how important a building project will be for our client. That is why we make your dream, our dream and try to fulfill it with all our efforts and expertise. View our interior design portfolio.

There will be many choices:

  • Height, length, and width – bounded abruptly or softly, or flowing freely into more space?
  • Human movement, group gathering, connection and privacy, activity and rest, entries and exits?
  • Light – shaded, shadowed, bright, brilliant, diffuse or reflected?
  • Warm, cool, still or breezy? Quiet, loud, calm, or exciting?
  • We’ll create your best options for all those decisions.
  • But first, we’ll be sure to fully understand your vision of how your new space will work for you.

Architecture  |   Interior Design   |   Construction

Hiline specializes in space design (architecture and interior design) and also supports our clients with the construction of their project, from residential building design to commercial building architecture and interior design. Hiline Architecture and Interior Design company studio is located at 27 K Sir Syed Road, Gulberg II, Lahore.

We have the best architects team on work providing you with the best architectural services and creating gems through our work. Our team members completely understand your demands, needs, and requirements. So we always prioritize your desire and we modify it with our expertise which results in great output. Our architectural and interior design work speaks for itself and we always aim to provide you affordable and quality services as best architects in Pakistan, because we cannot compromise on quality.

Talking about interior designing, we have smart, excellent, efficient, and top of that most creative interior designers as a part of our team, and their skills are always grabbing our client’s spirit. We have created one of the most amazing projects in the past few years which has helped us continuously make a good name in the community and rank among best interior designers in Lahore.

We are working in the construction field with the same passion, giving our best, and also proving ourselves as one of the best construction companies in town. Clients take advantage of our Design & Build service which makes it easy to get a building project completed. We have a dedicated interior design contractor fully trained with our design philosophy. With over a decade of experience in interior design and architectural building design our creative team of interior designers and architects will help take the stress away for your next building construction. Our construction services started in 1969 and have evolved over the years with quality construction. You get one window service that will make it simpler to get your building designed and built.

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