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Q-Links head office is also one of the most beautiful offices designed by Hiline. Look at the beautiful glasswork and the beautiful color combination of walls and light. This office is specially designed keeping in view the most frequent visits of the random clients. We have worked on the beauty and efficiency of the office to attract visitors and keep the staff motivated. An attractive conference room is designed for the staff and customer meetings so they can be more comfortable. Business meetings and staff meetings are very often in the offices so our design also ensured the efficiency and as well as comfort level. Reception is always a first impression of the office so its importance cannot be neglected, we have designed a delightful reception which can give a great impression on the visitors. Separate rooms and personal cabins are also designed for official uses.

This office is perfectly designed with walking spaces as well. We do not believe in congested designs, whether a space is small or big it should be ideally utilized, the same factor we had considered in this office. We had designed it in a way that has good walking space and employees do not feel crowded. As this environment is very important in offices for the comfort of the employees. Excellent furniture has been chosen keeping in view nature and color combination of the office as we know the importance of color contrast in the offices. Do not miss the charming entrance of the office!