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65J DHA EME is a beautiful house designed by Hiline for one of our dearest clients. We have put our all efforts and devotion into the interior and architectural designing of this house and that can be seen by looking at it. Our professional team makes sure that this house should be perfect in all aspects, from the utilization of space to the furniture choice, from the security measures to external designs, all points were equally prioritized. 

Hiline had made sure to utilize the space perfectly with the best designs. By having a look at this masterpiece you can observe the perfection in work. Whether we talk about the front of the house or the entire design of the house. You can see how beautifully the entrance of the house is designed and it looks like you are living in the dream house. Elevators, a swimming pool, a gardened roof, magnificent stairs all are witnessing luxurious living. We believe that luxury should be budget optimized so we have made sure that everything should be in our client’s budget. You can have a look at the kitchen, living room, or pool area and can observe the excellent choice of furniture and color contrast. We know that the colors play a massive role in making the house more beautiful and attractive so we have to pay special attention to the color combinations as well, as discussed earlier only that furniture are selected which are the perfect fit for the relevant areas.