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Step Inside Troye Sivan’s Home (As seen in Architectural Digest)

In a house where earthy elements meet unexpected pops of color, Troye Sivan’s Melbourne home as seen in Architectural Digest has recently gained considerable admiration. Take a look inside his residence and see what factors lead to create this charming mix of fabrics, textures, colors and ideas.

As seen above, immediately and from the get go, we can deduce that nature contributes a large role in the totality of his home. The large chunk of wood serving as a custom coffee table adds a rawness  in the room. Incorporating various shades of nature with more muted tones including the olive green sofa by Maker & On (which Troye claims is highly soft) and rust and clay pink pillows aid in bringing the outside inside. We can also see a blend of several woods of a myriad of shades tying the room together. What really draws emphasis on the height of the house is the towering plant creating a sense of openness and an airy feel. Natural sunlight is the primary illumination source with harsh lighting completely absent and rather plentiful soft lamps in every corner for a romantic vibe. For more of an oomph factor, we can see more prints and patterns such as the vintage Moroccan Taznakht black and white checkered rug or the pops of colour on the wall by artists including Simon Degroot and Karen Black. 

    A serene breakfast nook perfect for a morning coffee and a beautiful view

  Natural materials including oak wood and vintage rattan stools create balance as ample sunlight illuminates the entirety of the kitchen. 



Troyes bedroom is located on a whole floor of its own resulting in privacy and seclusion. At first glance, the most arresting element in Troye’s bedroom are the clay pink walls covered in Venetian plaster. Again, we can observe lots of natural ingredients used like the fur chair and its matching foot rest. Moreover, linen bedding adds to more natural fabrics and textures creating that rawness.

The Cork ceiling that came with the house originally enhances the earthiness 

 Using space intelligently and to its fullest, the balcony contains a tiny study corner and a stunning emerald splash in the form of a couch.

The red brick exterior foreshadows the rugged interior.

A serene chaos inhabits the courtyard featuring mix and matched chairs and jungle-like greenery galore.

In a final surprise, an unexpected powder room in the courtyard includes curved walls and a stunning deep earthy red.

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