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A kid’s bedroom is their do-it-all space. It’s a room they use to relax, study, play and most of all, be creative in so it’s only right that these spaces receive the biggest creative input in regards to decorating.

What’s even more interesting is that the kids will likely have quite a few ideas of their own when it comes to their rooms, not all of which you will agree with, but if carefully thought of, they can be used to come up with some great designs! Like always, we have some examples for you.

A happening wallpaper is an easy way of making the room appear bright and fun with otherwise minimalist decor. Tree wall murals and animal-themed decor elements will have your little one feeling close to nature at all times of the day.

Creating layers can be so much fun. When ceiling height allows, play space can be increased by incorporating a play bunk into a kids’ room. This low floor bed design increases the amount of available vertical space and the colors make the space look cozy at the same time.

Who wouldn’t want a bed like this where morning begins with a swift trip down a slide onto a soft cushioned floor. Custom painted walls and bunny mobiles add to the fun.

Climbing wall in a bedroom? For a designer, no idea is crazy enough to be impossible! It’ll help your kid work off that excess energy while the patterned backboard and colorful grips make it into a cool decorative piece too.

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